What if

you could make their dreams a reality? If just for one day you could turn their wildest dreams into real life…and capture it!

They could read the best novels in a bohemian inspired teepee or attend a tea party under the oaks. They could be Batman and Robyn or a brave warrior fighting for justice. She could be a tomboy playing football in a tutu or he could be a detective searching for clues.

The possibilities are endless and together we can make them a reality. You and I together can create your child’s Story.



Stories are styled sessions created by Melanie with the creative help of your little one. We will plan a session based on the imaginative play your child loves the most. Don’t worry! Melanie will do all of the work! From props to costumes Melanie will help design the perfect set to make your little’s dreams a reality!

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Baby’s First Year

Here at Melanie Lee Photography we love babies! Newborn sessions are some of the most magical sessions to experience. We have tons of newborn props and are set up for the easiest newborn session possible. These sessions are designed to be a relaxing time for new mommies. Come in, have a cup of coffee, and let Melanie work her magic!

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