About Melanie

Why are photographs so important to you?

To me, that’s an easy question. I have always loved seeing the beauty in life and capturing it to hold onto forever. But in March of 2007 that gained a whole new meaning for me. We lost my brother’s baby boy to an accident. It was a life altering event for our family. Instead of thinking about the sadness that we all feel though, we have something to remember him by.

I’ve always had a camera in my family’s face for as long as I remember.

Luckily the summer before Zane died I photographed him doing what he loved, bull riding. I remember the excitement he had just being there, and the sadness he felt of defeat like it was yesterday when I look at those photographs. I thank God that he sent me there that day.




Hi! I’m Melanie!

Wife, mom, photographer, friend. I love the Lord with all my heart and hope that He shines through me every day. I love all of the seasons and holidays so much so that I usually get ready for them way too early. That’s ok though because my husband is a Christmas tree farmer and I pretend that makes it ok!


Why Choose Me?

I live my life by one rule: to provide value to those around me. My family, my friends, and my clients. I believe that it is my responsibility to give my clients the best experience possible. From inquiry to fabulous photographs hanging on your wall, I am here to help you.

No more are the days that you are responsible for printing, cataloging, archiving your own images. I will do those things for you. No idea what to wear or where to have your session? No worries! I will do all of that for you, too.


How does it work?

Send me an email, give me a call at 903-674-2794, or stop in the studio at 175 W Garner in Detroit, Texas.  All you have to do is pick the day and I will handle the rest. I will send you all of the info you need to feel prepared and confident for your session.

No worries! I specialize in wild toddlers and cranky babies! Relax and leave it all to me! We will turn your chaos in to beautiful works of art to hang on your walls and pass down to your children and grandchildren in an experience that will leave you smiling!





For collaborations please contact melanienewsomlee@gmail.com

I would also love to speak at your group meeting or ladies day out about how to photograph your children or the importance of photographs!

Give me a call or email to set it up!

Detroit and Paris Texas Photographer