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So my nephew’s girlfriend approached me about doing pictures of the two of them and of course I knew with her style it would be fun! I actually photographed these two when they were in high school… yep! High school sweethearts! How sweet is that?

Of course in our family things always end up as a family affair. So, we decided to do their whole family!

Meet my big brother and his beautiful wife.

I learned so much during this session. Sure, they are my family and I have known them my entire life (my SIL even practically raised me) but I never realized how much these guys are still crazy about each other.

He has picked at her constantly since the day they met. He’s a real pain sometimes. The most common phrase I’ve heard her mutter is “Stop it Greg!” So, naturally, I just thought that they were just married and that was that. Until this day. There’s something about slowing down to really see people and see their interactions that is eye opening. He is absolutely crazy about her. After every single thing he said or did he would look for her reaction. And then, she did the same. With all of the chaos that was going on around us, they were most interested in each other. They’ve been together for something like 25 years I think. That’s pretty amazing — to still be dating your spouse after that long. Guys, that’s rare!

This beauty and her momma. It’s no wonder where she got her looks!

These two. This is a pretty accurate representation of their relationship. Never a dull moment in this family!


But the real reason we were all together that day…

Hailie was completely unaware, but really we were trying to make this family picture! How sweet is that!?

Nothing makes my heart happier than knowing that my nephew wanted to be surrounded by his family when asking the biggest question of his life. He was raised in love and love is what he knows. There is no doubt that these two love birds will continue the love in this family.

Heart full.

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