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We are creatures of habit. Every time we decide on a vacation destination it’s either Mexico, Guatemala, Texas, or New Mexico. What can we say? After all of this time living, we know what we like! This time we chose New Mexico. We usually go to Taos or somewhere in that part of New Mexico, but this time we ventured a little further south. We went to Ruidoso, Roswell, Alamogordo, and White Sands. We also stopped at Carlsbad on the way so Steaven could share one of his favorite childhood memories with the girls.

It started with a gymnastics meet (imagine that) in Lubbock, Tx. Steaven has been wanting to take the girls to Carlsbad for a couple of years now and I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to photograph my family at White Sands. I’ve dreamed of this shoot for years people, years! So, Lubbock was close enough for us, so we went!


There is just something so magical about this place! The sunlight on that sand. My oh my!

Actually, it’s not sand like we’re used to seeing. It’s gypsum. That’s what makes that beautiful, cool to touch white sand.

Steaven even photographed me. That’s not something I’m accustomed to, but when in Rome! I actually really like this one!

After mom had her way, the girls had a blast sledding on the dunes!

This really was one of our favorite vacations. I hope to go back someday soon!


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