Happy Sweetheart Day!

I love this holiday. When many are grunting because of this commercialized (aren’t they all) holiday, I’m over here being a hopeless romantic. Why shouldn’t we celebrate our love for all of our people?

Little bitty or grown up,

Sweet or sassy,

a little bit more on this one special day…

They deserve it, don’t they?

These two are my favorite Valentines. Married 64 Valentine’s Days ago! Holy moly! I hope one day I can make Steaven blush like this, even after 64 years! Gosh I love these people!

That man right there, the one tickled by whatever my Granna just told him, he’s one in a million. A bee charmer, a hard working husband, the teacher of ABC’s and 123’s, and the sweetest man on this Earth.

And her? A strong southern woman and proud of it. The matriarch of this family, the one we all aim to please. When I close my eyes and imagine an old hymn, it’s her sweet hum I hear.

Together they make the backbone of this family. They are all I could ever hope to have in a marriage. They raised their family with love and Jesus and I owe much of who I’ve become to what they’ve given me. Happy Anniversary Granna and Grandpa!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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