Why are photographs important to you?

I think about the days of tin types or even the first instamatics my mother so lovingly talks about. Why are photographs so important to us? What started all of the hype? Well, human connection I believe. An opportunity to remember. Memories are fleeting, but a photograph reinforces, reminds us, allows us to relive.

I cannot express to you the value I place on my photographs. There are few things dearer to my heart. Why?

I’ll show you why they are important to me.

This was taken shortly after our sweet girl came to be our sweet girl. She learned to sit up with us in the hotel room in Guatemala. Here she is perfecting her new skill.

I will never forget the happiness of her little giggles sitting in her Grammie’s lap this summer day.

This was her first trip of many to play in the creek at Beaver’s Bend. I spent much of my childhood in that creek and the joy I felt watching her there is immeasurable.

Flower picking walks are a big part of our lives, even now. This was an early adventure.

Hammocks are fun!

This face kills me. She can have anything she wants when she looks at me with those puppy dog eyes.

Birthday balloons are always a good idea.

The baby face is fading but those eyes remain brilliant.

My baby.

These two have been two peas since before they could walk.

Still the most beautiful creature I know.

Why are photographs important to you?

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