Goals vs Dreams

You’ve heard me say before that just like my mom and sister, I am a dreamer to the nth degree. My husband will tell you though that unlike some dreamers, I have this strange concoction of dreamer  + obsessive tendencies. I’ll dream up something amazing, but I won’t let it go. I will obsess over it until I can’t bear to think of it anymore.

I make him nuts. He knows that once I have an idea, it’s as good as done. That’s how we have Olivia, just ask Steaven. He thought that adoption was such an unattainable idea, yet she sits on the floor beside me as I type.

I was cleaning out my desk drawer last night and stumbled upon our bucket lists. A few years ago we sat down over a glass of wine and each made our list of personal life goals on the back of a hotel receipt.

While I still haven’t shot the cover of the Rolling Stone ( I used to shoot a lot of music photography – ask me about it sometime), I am quite impressed with the two lofty goals that I set for myself and accomplished! I’m still working on being fluent (which is so relative) but I consider myself a Spanish speaker. I also volunteered in Guatemala with an amazing organization called Refuge International and it was a life changing experience.

I still want to sell watermelons roadside and plan to this summer. I didn’t backpack through Belize, but we did the bus thing and that was pretty amazing. I would still LOVE to dive Costa Rica and need to work on that one.

So then, goals are just dreams put into action. All those years ago I didn’t really think in my heart of hearts that I would ever understand a Spanish conversation, yet I have them almost daily. It just goes to show what hard work can do. With a little planning and a whole lot of drive, the unattainable becomes reality.

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